–  Honoured by the Woman and Business Development Council – “Entrepreneurship Award”, July 2018

– Honoured by the Arab Women Council – “Loyalty and Appreciation Jewel” Award for distinguishedwomen in the social responsibility sector, March 2018

– Honoured by the Speaker of the House of Parliament, October 2017

– Selected among the 2017 Heroes of the Global Campaign against Extremism and Intolerance by the Global Hope Coalition and UNESCO -New York Public Library, September 2017.

Honoured by the Haigazian University as Women of the Year Award. March 2017

 Honoured by UNESCO–Metropolitan Museum in New York – A Tribute to Heroes from   the Global Campaign to “Prevent and Overcome Violent Extremismat”, for the outstanding humanitarian efforts in Lebanon, September 2016

 – Honoured by the Buck Institute – San Francisco – International Award for PhilanthropyJune 2014

– Honoured by the Killarney School and Glengarry School in Canada, November 2009

– Honoured by the Canadian Lebanese Community (Edmonton, Alberta), April 2009

– In addition to many honorary trophies from different organizations and institutes, in appreciation of philanthropic deeds and developmental projects undertaken by the Makhzoumi Foundation